Graphlet Match Maker

GraphletMatchMaker is a set of tools developed as part of our submission to the Visual Analytics Science and Technology (VAST) Challenge 2020 (Mini Challenge 1, entry name AVIZ-Tovanich-MC1).

Context of Mini Challenge 1

The main objective of the mini-challenge was to identify a specific group of people in a large network, based on an established profile of interaction.

In response to an increase in malicious cyber-attacks, numerous “white hat” hacker organizations have taken it upon themselves to fight back to protect the global internet. As the attacks became more and more aggressive, one white hat group, who has so far stayed anonymous, accidentally launched a cyber event that took down the global Internet. The world’s experts are having difficulty understanding what happened and need to get in touch with the group so the effects on the internet can be neutralized and services restored. The only hope for a solution is a cyber think-tank – Center for Global Cyber Strategy, or CGCS – that may hold the key to identifying the group that caused the malfunction. The CGCS maintains awareness of various white-hat hacker groups. Source
Center for Global Cyber Strategy (CGCS) researchers have used the data donated by the white hat groups to create anonymized profiles of the groups. One such profile has been identified by CGCS sociopsychologists as most likely to resemble the structure of the group who accidentally caused this internet outage. You have been asked to examine CGCS records and identify those groups who most closely resemble the identified profile. Source

Submission package

Submission package: report (pdf), video

Interactive tools

Live demo of the interactive tools developed as part of our submission:

Node-link views

Help compare the structure of the template and other graphs, showing all node types and edge types.

List of graphs: template, candidates (1-5), extracted match with the greedy algorithm from seed 1 and seed 3, the best match and the suspicious group.

Edits: New graphs on 2021-01-14

Node-matching view

Help visually assess an extracted match graph for the template graph, by showing the similarity of person nodes and the agreement of their communication edges.

Three versions available for the greedy algorithm method (seed 1 and seed 3) and one best match for the manual approach.

Edits: New graphs and options on 2021-01-14

Manual node-matching tool

Help manually compose a match for the template graph starting from an initial set of one or more matched nodes.

Can be used to manually match three candidate graphs (Graph1, 2, 3), the best match graph, the graph extracted from seed 1 and 3 and offer three other starting sets.

Edits: Bug fix on 2020-09-14